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Hi, I'm Emily


The moment I became a mother I knew I had to do something that would protect them beyond my love. After I purchased a Life Insurance policy for myself, educating families about the importance of this protection as well as how to find the best products became my calling in life. That's why I created

Living With Em. Join me through my journey of motherhood where lifestyle meets life insurance and let's see about getting you this important coverage today. 


Let me advocate for you...

Life Insurance can be intimidating to learn about. How do I know how much coverage to choose?

There are so many companies, how do I know I've picked the right one?

Or the right insurance type? 

With me by your side, it doesn't have to be so intimidating. Allow my expertise and my real life experience both as a mom and an agent to be your gentle guide toward making a decision that's right for you, for your family.  

I will be your advocate and help to not only educate you on precisely what you are purchasing and why you're purchasing it, but promise to work with the insurance carrier to ensure you get the absolute lowest price available for the best product to suit your specific needs.  With me, you are not just a number. You are a person with your own story, unique to you. You have your own needs, your own goals, let me help you find your own life insurance plan.

I would love the opportunity to meet you and hear story.

Let's talk.


Emily Lewis 

Life Insurance Agent
Long Term Care Specialist







Los Angeles, CA

An Independent Life Insurance Agent working for you.

Client Testimonials 
Janaene A.

Says her policy has changed her LIFE| received a free fit bit through the Vitality Program!

Corporate Trainer

I purchased a term life insurance policy and appreciated my agent Emily's expertise and service.  She found an affordable policy that fit my needs and financial situation .  I would recommend speaking to Emily about your options if you are in the market for life insurance!

Bill T.
Long Term Care Client | received a 20% discount for dual applying with his wife 

Freelance Writer
As one who is skeptical of insurance agents when my wife introduced me to Emily I knew she was special. I never thought I'd be able to get long-term health care - Emily showed us how we could. And we did. Besides being a delight to be around she really cares about what she does. She did her homework to get us the best plan possible for our needs and means -- which included Canada as a complication. No, we're not fleeing Trump - yet -- but we are dual citizens. It's not just a sale for her. I have no doubt she is on our side and will be our advocate should we have any questions or concerns. On the down side -- there is none! :-)

Alexandrea C.

Married mom | realized she was paying for a product she didn't really need

Marketing Director 

I previously had a policy with a "better known" company, and had given Emily advance warning that I wasn't looking to move, but was instead interested in other options - I'm a serious budgeter. Emily was completely professional through the whole process, and completely on top of everything. Not only is she knowledgeable about her business, she was never too busy to share her expertise with me and walk me through the process - something my previous agent wasn't able to do. She also found that my previous policy had other add-ons tacked in that weren't relevant to myself of my husband! Working with Emily was a dream and she made the process so simple AND saved us money! I highly recommend her - you'll be in the good hands!

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Term Life 


Whole Life 

Long Term Care 



Coverage you can count on
Think You Can't Afford it?

There is a lot of misguidance followed by a lot of misconception when it comes to the life insurance industry. I know because when I attend classes or seminars to further my education I will be in a room full of older men who seem to believe the best life insurance policy is a big one. I disagree - the best life insurance policy is one that is in force. It doesn't have to be huge, nor break the bank - it has to be current and paid. Ideally a life insurance policy should be 7-10 times your annual income, roughly speaking, but regardless of the benefit amount it's all null and void if you never took the plunge and insured yourself to begin with. a 40 year old can get a $500k life insurance policy for $20 - $25 per month. Start with something, and we can build later. 

Life Insurance doesn't have to be scary

There is a stigma around life insurance and sometimes I believe for good reasons, agents are too often wanting to oversell their clients. I want my clients to buy coverage that suites their specific needs and ensure that the client truly understands what they're purchasing, no gray area. Too often am I reviewing a clients current policy - which I offer as a complimentary service. Have a policy and have no idea what any of it means? Send it my way! I'd be happy to review it and see if it's the best policy for you.

Think you won't qualify? Think again
Many people make the assumption that because they are a smoker, or because they have diabetes, are overweight, use marijuana etc. they will not qualify for life insurance. While your health class rating won't be determined until underwriting is complete, the truth is most people would be surprised to find their health and/or habits will typically only affect the cost of their life insurance policy premium - not whether or not they are actually insurable. How much will it be affected though? one may ask. The simple answer is - we don't know! History pertaining to the lifestyle and the unique story behind it has everything to do with determining such a thing. The better news here, is that if your lifestyle does play a role in the cost of your life insurance, as it commonly does - should you improve your health or eliminate the habit - you can always be rewritten for life insurance and cancel the existing policy at no penalty to you.